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“I empower people who have a burning desire to move beyond what they thought possible for themselves.”


“When I signed up for this coaching program, I thought the only thing I wanted from it was to experience deep happiness, but what I got was much, much more than I ever thought possible. Now I am not only happy, I am motivated, energized, I feel inner freedom, I have a new life’s vision and I am focused and driven. I don’t take things personally anymore. Because of this master coaching program I am a NEW PERSON with a NEW LIFE.
My life has TOTALLY changed.”

Roosmari Kruger

I was in pain and mourning after a very big traumatic event which altered and impacted my whole being. For almost 2 years I have gone through counseling, therapy and even prayer therapy from the best doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists around the country and I still couldn’t get the relief I so longed for.

This is what I can say with absolute certainty, what Karien has done for me is what no doctor could do for me. Her coaching helped me to get to a place of freedom, healing, emotional freedom and inner peace. This was the most wonderful, life changing gift.

Veranda Wentzel


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