How long do you still want to carry around your pain?

We get so comfortable with pain, that it becomes part of you, like your arm or your leg. You build your life around it, you make life choices because of it, you mold your personality around it. You know you don’t want the pain, but simultaneously are afraid to let it go.

You ask: “What and who will I be without it?”

Reasons why we don’t seek help or don’t want to let go of pain:
  • What if I go for help and it doesn’t work?

  • The guilt and shame and judgement that goes with it (sometimes you are your own worst judge).

  • Fear is part of the reason why we don’t seek help. Fear to face the pain, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear to get to know ourselves, fear that I won’t like who I find, fear that it was my fault.

  • Sometimes we don’t seek help, because it is easier to hide in the pain, than to face it, and start living your dreams.  Sometimes you secretly think it is better to use this event as an excuse not to live fully, because what happens when I don’t have the trauma or pain anymore, and I still don’t “make it” in the world. At least now I have a reason.  

These fears are unfounded. 

Fear is designed to keep you from living your ultimate life, to keep you small, to keep you in darkness. 


Do you know how brave you are, to still be alive, to still be breathing, having survived your trauma.  Do you know how much courage it takes for you to face life every day?

Now just take that courage you have, and face your pain, only one more time, and let go of it.  Finally, there is a way for you to let go of your pain and never look back.  You are a few hours away from being and having a new life.  You are ONE DECISION away from feeling deep freedom.

Benefits of trauma release:
  • Happiness & a new excitement for life
  • Stepping into a newfound friendly world with new opportunities opening up
  • Feeling light and passionate
  • Deep inner peace
My powerful trauma healing techniques will help you eliminate the emotional effect of the trauma and help you rebuild your life, helping you to be stronger and more resilient than ever.
These are new breakthrough, leading edge techniques, which will accelerate your recovery after a traumatic event, through a deeper release of the event, which goes beyond what we thought possible.

What is trauma?

In my experience it is anything that alters your existence and impacts your being. 

Trauma affects every fibre of your being. It affects the way you interact with the world, the way you see yourself, your self-belief, self-esteem, your relationship with yourself and others. 


  • Sexual, emotional, physical, verbal, financial abuse
  • Death
  • Any loss
  • Break-up and divorce
  • Bullying
  • Living in unsafe environment
  • Fearing for your life
  • Hijacking or robbery
  • Severe illness or accident impacting your life
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Moving to a new place or even childbirth could be experienced as traumatic
  • Seeing a traumatic event happening to someone else
  • Supporting someone else though a trauma


  • Long periods of depression
  • The everyday tasks seem too much to handle
  • Want to sleep most of the time
  • No vision for your future
  • Withdraw from the world
  • Substance abuse 
  • Acting in extremes
  • Emotionally triggered
  • The world doesn’t make sense anymore
  • Self-doubt, guilt, shame, hopelessness, anxiety
  • Sleeplessness and dreams
  • Lack of energy and drive
  • Apathy, goes through life “robotically” 
  • Lack of direction, indecisive, feeling stuck, can’t focus

The Silent Technique™ is a powerful technique which helps you instantly feel a relief, emotionally and mentally, from the traumatic event. This will empower you to take steps forward, accelerate the healing process and regain control of your life. It is called the Silent Technique partly because very little talking is needed to heal. This technique is used on traumatic events which still trigger you and impacts your life.

The Instant healing Release Technique is used to release past trauma, even if you are not consciously aware that it still has an impact on your life. Sometimes you feel emotional when you think about a difficult or traumatic event in your life. This could also be supporting a loved one through a long period of illness or trauma. The instant healing release technique will collapse all the Negative Emotional Triggers of that traumatic event, as well as the effect the trauma has on your body, your DNA and the cells in your body.

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How this will help you:

A new, powerful way of dealing with trauma.
This was something unseen and unheard of until recently. If you are willing and ready to let go, you will release the emotional charges of any traumatic event and the effect the emotions have on the body. The result: You accelerate your healing process and rebuild your life faster. You will feel like your eyes have opened for the first time, and everything looks new and different.
Trauma Release, not only helps you come to terms with feelings and emotions, but rather releases the emotions at their root cause.
This is an accelerated way in dealing with trauma.
It could take anything from 90 minutes to 2 hours to release the emotions and the effects of those emotions on your body. You don’t have to talk about your trauma in order to heal. It’s an inner experience, and it makes the healing even deeper with lasting effects.

What you will get in one powerful, instant healing session (90 minutes):

  1. Identifying the emotions.
  2. Finding root cause of the feeling/limiting belief.
  3. Tools to accept and allow an emotion/feeling.
  4. Transforming the belief which causes the feeling.
  5. Healing the emotion/situation/pain/discomfort in the body.
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Fill out your information below and I will send you back 3 options for the next available time
You will also join my newsletter, which can be unsubscribed from easily.


A  client was distraught and in emotional and physical pain after a breakup with her partner.  She couldn’t think clearly, and because of all the pain she felt, she was worried that she made a mistake and wanted to go back to her partner.  Even though she knew the relationship was abusive.  It hurt so much,  that she even doubted her worth, doubting that she could ever find someone that will love her and value her. After the emotional healing session, she felt such a relief, and she could think clearly, she was stronger and she believed in herself again.  She had faith that she could have a fulfilling relationship.

My client was pregnant and had been nauseous for weeks. It hugely affected her relationship with her husband, as well as her kids.  She was over emotional, felt very sick, and depressed.  We did one healing session with her, and that evening for the first time in 6 weeks, she could eat with her family, and they could enjoy her positive, joyful presence.  A few days later I checked up on her and her exact words were: “Karien, I am in awe..” 

During the session we found the root causes/reasons she felt she had to feel nausea and had to hold on to the discomfort.  Those were very deep, legit reasons, once we could let go of those, and she discovered it was safe to feel healthy and to change those beliefs, we could heal the emotions which she sub-consciously wanted to hold on to.  She is now enjoying this miraculous experience which she prayed for, for so long.